About us

About us

Manstrat Agricultural Intelligence Solutions is a southern African developer of internet based Agricultural Decision Support Systems. The company is based in Pretoria, South Africa and has more than 26 years of experience in the Agricultural Field.

Our Vision

Our vision is to put an Agricultural Information System on a device of every possible role player in agriculture in Africa to assist agricultural role players in decisions regarding production, productivity and markets.

Our Mission

We develop and maintain agricultural information systems. Our products are made available to users by means of personal computers, tablets and mobile devices. All products are supported through an in-house information centre as well as external networks of agricultural experts and information partners. Our customers are everyone that is involved with agricultural production, management, decision-making and advisory services in agriculture.

We are agriculturists developing dataware and not IT people developing agricultural software.



The SDMD develops and maintains all software and systems for our clients. This Division is responsible for the research, design, testing and implementation of systems, platforms and software necessary to make agricultural information and tools available to our clients. The SDMD is also responsible for storage of information, the analysis and transformation of data where necessary, as well as the development and maintenance of services and systems to present information in a clear and understandable format. This Division ensures that applications are available in the cloud on multiple platforms and devices.

The DRMD is primarily responsible for the creation, updating and maintenance of product content involving researchers and experts in the animal, plant, economics and environmental fields.

Assistance to users, ranging from registration for Manstrat products to questions regarding content, is handled by the Help Desk and received via telephone 0860 ESO ESO, or at support@esuite.co.za. Subject related queries are relayed via formal channels to the relevant internal and external experts while utilisation matters are handled by Help Desk Officers immediately.

The DRM Training Group, consisting of experienced farmers and trainers, conduct initial, advanced and specialized training in the utilisation of the different products where and when required.

This Division is also responsible for product awareness and to assist clients with utilisation, registration and activation of accounts.


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Discover our products and the rigorous process of creation. We are backed by 27 years of research.

What we do?

Building Support Systems

We are a southern African developer of cloud based Agriculture Decision Support Systems. Our products are developed by African agriculturists and we place a high premium on local knowledge and indigenous experience.

Facilitate and Implement

We facilitate the implementation of economically viable and sustainable farming systems through the provision of updated, relevant and appropriate information to the agricultural industry.

Inspiring Change

We have reinvented Agricultural Advisory Services in South Africa and aim to do the same in the provisioning of agricultural information directly to farmers.

Growing our Country

We develop people by employing interns who collaborate with mentors that reflect their interests and our products support students at both a basic and higher education level.

Thought Leadership

We are leaders in providing information to the agricultural sector and have successfully bridged the divide between research institutions and users at farm level.

A partnership

Working towards establishing support systems for African farmers in partnership with our users.

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