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AgriSuite Neo is an internet based agricultural information system developed and maintained for farmers. The system can be accessed on your tablets and smartphones for when you're in the field.

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Animal Production

Animal Production

Find out which production system is right for you, how to manage your animals, nutrition, health care and marketing

Manage your animal production system

Production systems. Consider the different factors of production, evaluate extensive and intensive production systems and find the right production schedule for your farm.

Breeds. Find information about different breeds and select the right breed for you.

Facilities. Obtain information about different farm facilities and housing required. Select the best option for your farm.

Management tasks. The most important management tasks and techniques that should be implemented to be successful.

Feeding and Nutrition. Learn about important nutrients, feed requirements and feeding guidelines.

Breeding. Discover how to breed, selection and replacement, and managing the reproduction cycle.

Health care. Learn about biosecurity, obtain immunization programmes and identify diseases, parasites and nutritional imbalances.

Marketing. Find out how to market your animals and animal products.

Main Sections

Beef cattle | Poultry | Dairy cattle | Pigs | Sheep | Ostriches |Meat goats | Aquaculture | Milk goats

Animal production information on the farm

Plant Production

Plant Production

Interested in how to grow crops?. Select the right crops and grow it successfully on your farm. Information also suitable for home gardeners.

Manage your plant production system

Crop description. Each crop is described, basic production requirements are provided together with popular varieties and an introduction to fresh produce markets.

Production Programme. Find out when and where you can plant crops as well as the key activities and resources required to grow crops successfully.

Soil preparation. The first step in the production process is explained, including how to take soil samples, getting the soil ready for planting as well as fertilization.

Planting. Information about all the planting materials required, how much to buy, the spacing of plants and seeds as well as planting times and plant depths.

Crop maintenance. Guidelines on growth temperatures, water requirements, fertilizer requirements and the control of pests and diseases.

Harvesting: Find out how to harvest your crop, harvesting periods and yields that can be expected.

Disease control. A detailed description of all diseases that can be found on each crop as well as preventive control measures. Users are also directed to suppliers of control chemicals.

Pest control. A detailed description of all pests that can be found on each crop as well as preventive control measures. Users are also directed to suppliers of control chemicals.

Weed control. Guidelines on the control of weeds in production systems aligned to each crop.

Problem solver. Solve your pest and disease problems by means of this easy to use problem solving tool designed for each crop.

Handling, storage and transport. Guidelines on the post-harvest handling, storage and transport of each crop.

Processing and Marketing. Guidelines on the processing of each crop as well as marketing strategies.

Main Sections

Vegetables | Roots and Tubers | Fruit | Industrial crops | Grains | Cut flowers | Oilseeds | Garden flowers

Agricultural infrastructure

Agricultural Infrastructure

Find out where you can buy input resources, sell products and get support in your area. This simple interactive map provides details on key providers together with their location and contact details.

Find key infrastructure in your area

On the map. By selecting a category, the relevant agricultural infrastructure and organization in your area are displayed on a scalable map.

Selecting those nearest to you. By selecting an organization nearest to you, you will be provided with the contact details of that specific organization as well as two additional options close to you.

Main Sections

Abattoirs | Feed companies | Auctioneers | Feedlots | Cooperatives | Financial | Dairy companies | Markets | Dept of Agriculture | Millers | Breeders | Suppliers

Agricultural markets

Agricultural Markets

Know what is happening in the agricultural marketplace. A simple and easy to use presentation of market data, statistics and trading results across the total spectrum of agricultural markets in South Africa.

Know what is going on in the markets

Market information. An electronic library of markets and marketing information provided by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry ad Fisheries.

Fresh produce. Daily updated market prices and volumes traded, combined with an analysis of markets for more than 100 fresh produce commodities on 17 National Fresh Produce Markets. This include the data for vegetables, fruit and nuts.

SAFEX. Discover the price trends for yellow maize, white maize, soybeans, sunflower and wheat. Prices and trends are updated daily.

Animal products. Obtain trading prices for beef, eggs, milk, mutton, pork, wool as well as poultry.

Main Sections

Market information | Fresh produce | SAFEX | Animal product markets

There are key features of AgriSuite Neo that makes it
an invaluable and essential tool for any serious farmer.


Smart phones

AgriSuite Neo adapts seamlessly to the smaller displays of Smart phones. With these devices you can access exactly the same information as with any other larger device. It is therefore possible to take AgriSuite® with you wherever you go.

Operating systems

It should be possible to run AgriSuite Neo on any popular Android device. The Apple version of Agrsuite Neo is currently in development.

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AgriSuite Neo adapts seamlessly to these devices allowing the user to navigate the system and gain access to information by means of Touch. Tablets are highly portable and users can access the system wherever they have access to the internet. It should also be noted that AgriSuite Neo will in future be availalbe on Apple devices.

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