Extension Suite Online®

Extension Suite Online® is an internet based application developed by Manstrat Agricultural Intelligence Solutions (Pty) Ltd in an effort to provide an important linkage and information transfer mechanism between Agricultural Research and Extension Services, and the farmers that they serve. As such the system facilitates and enhances the transfer of information between these parties by collecting, collating, interpreting and transforming scientific agricultural related data into useful and user friendly formats for use by Extension Practitioners and Farmers.

An expert knowledge and information system.

Are you an agricultural advisor?

    The information and content in Extension Suite Online® is well organised allowing the Advisor to find the relevant information quickly and respond to farmers' requests within a short period.
    You have direct access to experts through Extension Suite Online® and if you cannot find a solution on the system you will find a solution from an appointed expert in the relevant field.
    Expand your knowledge by using Extension Suite Online®.
  4. Extension Suite Online®, AN ONLINE APPLICATION
    Manstrat has, through Extension Suite Online®, developed the means to, not only reduce the many constraints in the dissemination of relevant and timeous information to farmers via Extensionists, but to do so cost effectively. The online application specifically aims to facilitate easy access to, and the effective dissemination of; agricultural related information and best practices to break down informational, geographical and political borders and constraints that currently hinder growth.

    The core system is automatically available as part of any system tailored to the specific needs and requirements of a client and contains a wide range of components.

Impact and Benefits of ESO

Probably the most important impact and benefits are improvement of the production systems of farmers, improved agricultural products in terms of yields and quality, the implementation of new and more profitable farming practices, improved decision making amongst farmers and savings in production costs, all due to information obtained from and made available via Extension Suite Online® through Extension Practitioners to farmers.

As a result of the implementation of ESO (post 2007 and 2010 nationally) Extensionists can find information quickly, they are confident that the information is appropriate and reliable and capable of responding to the needs, requirements and challenges of farmers. Extension Practitioners subsequently feel more confident in themselves and their work and some even go the extra mile in developing training material and posters for their farmers, study groups and farmer days

Most Extensionists were formally trained in a specific discipline only (i.e. crop science) but through the use of Extension Suite Online® they have broadened and expanded their knowledge base and are now able to provide advice in other disciplines as well. Extension Suite Online® has enabled them to quickly find relevant information outside their specialization field, again impacting on their self-confidence and response time. It has also assisted Extension Practitioners with further studies and the preparation of training material for their farmers.

Extension Suite Online® has assisted Extension Practitioners in helping their farmers to improve farming practices and systems and as a result the confidence levels in Extension Services and the relationship between farmers and Extension Practitioners have improved considerably. Extensionists indicated that there is a high level of farmer trust and that they are being treated with respect by their farmers as a result of Extension Suite Online® assisting them to find the relevant and appropriate solutions quickly.

Extension Suite Online® has made it easy for Extensionists to access relevant information in a quick and efficient manner, when and where they need it. Extension Suite Online® is organised in such a way that it allows Extension Practitioners to find information in a structured manner and it has improved their ability to do research and find solutions to farmer problems.

Extension Officer believe that due to ESO, they have become so productive that they are currently able to handle more farmers over a shorter period. Some have even been awarded by their employer.

Extension Practitioners indicated that they are producing improved outputs, that they are able to assist farmers quicker and better, that they are able to play a key role during farmers days, study groups and farmer training, that they have been developing posters for their farmers and that Extension Suite Online® has enabled them to improve the service that they provide to farmers.

Extensionists generally believe that their self-confidence has improved considerably due the assistance provided through Extension Suite Online®. The system has allowed them to actually respond to farmers needs, quickly and efficiently with appropriate advice that has had a positive impact on their farmers and farming enterprises.

Extensionists are of the opinion that they have been able to transform struggling farms into profitable ventures and that they have been able to improve yields, the quality of commodities as well as the consistency of production. This has had a direct impact on profitability where production costs have been saved and profits have been increased.

Extensionists believe that the relationship of trust between them and farmers has improved considerably due to their ability to find the relevant information quickly and to respond to farmers needs within a short period. Moreover, the information presented in ESO can be trusted by Extension Practitioners and farmers alike, improving the relationship even further.


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