Information partners

Manstrat AIS is continuously developing innovative technology and conducting research within the agricultural industry to ensure the effective dissemination of information towards agricultural development in Africa.

Information partners and field experts play an important role within this structure to ensure the development of up to date, field related, practical information.

Information partners not only fulfill the role as research associates, but can also become an expert contact point for farmers and application users, whereby questions from a farmer or user will be re-directed to a relevant field expert for reflection.

Our definition of an information partnership

An information partnership is a relationship between Manstrat Agricultural Intelligence Solutions (Pty) Ltd and organisations and/or individuals with relevant and reliable agricultural information and services that are of value and available to all farmers.

These organisations that provide trusted content for publication on AgriSuite Online® include Agricultural Unions, Commodity Organisations, Support Groups, Government Agencies, Research Institutes, Educational Institutions and NGO's.

Partner benefits

Information partners benefit from partnering with Manstrat Agricultural Intelligence Solutions (Pty) Ltd through AgriSuite Online® by:

  • associating with a trusted agricultural information service, dedicated to providing access to quality information for all farmers
  • attracting, reaching and maintaining a larger audience for their brand, content and services
  • being provided with opportunities to enhance their marketing through promoting their events and initiatives on AgriSuite Online®
  • gaining networking opportunities with other partner organisations
  • accessing unique national and international agricultural information, analytics and research through use of our system and services.

Partner contributions

Information partners provide quality information for publication on AgriSuite Online®.

As part of their role, they:

  • identify information on their sites that is suitable for access through AgriSuite®
  • ensure accuracy and currency of information through approved technical and editorial governance processes
  • apply metadata to their web pages for effective data sharing
  • assist with the development of topic areas for AgriSuite®
  • contribute to the strategic development of AgriSuite®
  • recommend other potential partner organisations that may have appropriate and complementary content.

If you feel that you are an expert in one of the fields listed and would like to become an information partner please contact Mr Jantus van der Linden for further details.


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