Internship programme

We have been running an Internship Programme for the past 11 years. During this period a total of 50 students and professionals have been enrolled in the programme - many of whom have been offered full-time employment on the completion thereof and who have thus become part of the MAIS family. Our interns share the same job responsibilities as full-time team members. You will be given real work with real problems to solve. As an intern, you will collaborate with researchers and developers within the organisation. In close collaboration with your mentor, you will define an internship project that reflects you and your team's development and research interests.

When to apply

Internships at MAIS have a minimum duration of 12 months, long enough to develop a project and make a significant contribution. Most of our internship opportunities are available and commence at the beginning of the year and applications should thus be made from September to the end of the previous year.


We will consider all qualified candidates, regardless of citizenship or visa status.


Intern candidates must be students enrolled in a relevant field of study, such as computer science, agriculture, or social sciences. The majority of our interns are Honours degree candidates; however, we also accept students with Bachelor degrees who have demonstrated a serious interest in research and development in an agricultural field.

Contact us

If you are interested in the internship programme or have any questions, please contact us: 012 460 2499 or send an email to


For Bursaries contact the Agricultural Marketing Council, Click Here.


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